Virtualization in computing refers to the process of having virtual recourses such as networking, storage devices, servers, and operating systems. This process helps reduces many IT expenses by boosting agility and efficiency for all size businesses. Virtualization includes dividing as well as clubbing the resources into more effective environments. Depending on the goal, there are multiple types of virtualization available today. We, at Dataformatics offer the following major types:


Many a times, multiple users use a single computer at a given time for different applications. Operating System (OS) Virtualization refers to the process of tailoring an OS for such multiple uses. Our experts at Dataformatics help you carry out OS virtualization so that your business can benefit from its cost-saving and time-effective features.


Network virtualization includes the combination of software and hardware network resources into a software-based entity for convenient administration. This helps support increasing virtual environments. Dataformatics will help you carry out the process of network virtualization for your business using the latest updates and resources.


Hardware Virtualization implies moving ahead of the one-to-one relationship between a computer’s hardware and operating systems. Now, it has become similar to a structure that helps use computer resources into multiple execution environments. Obtain the maximum benefits of hardware virtualization with the assistance of our experts here at Dataformatics.


Storage Virtualization is a process that includes grouping your physical storage resources from multiple network storage devices, into what appears as one storage device. This single storage device is managed from a central console to help you save on time and management costs. Growing businesses require storage virtualization and this needs to be done in a correct manner for maximum efficiency. Our experts at Dataformatics proactively assist you for the same.

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