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Data Formatics | Microsoft
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Cloud Platform

Developed for business decision makers, technical decision makers, and IT professionals within customer organizations you want to target, these resources are organized by the all-up Microsoft Cloud Platform campaign and by the four supporting customer conversation campaigns: Transform the Datacenter, Unlocking Insights into Any Data, Enabling Application Innovation, and Empowering People-Centric IT.

Transform the Datacenter

Optimize your datacenter infrastructure by leveraging the innovation and enterprise experience built into the Microsoft cloud platform. The power of cloud brings both opportunities and challenges to the enterprise. To take on the challenges of big data and mobility, you need resilient, reliable infrastructure that can expand or contract as demand shifts. With the capabilities of Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Azure, customers can respond rapidly to changing business requirements. By bringing software-defined computer, networking, and storage to your datacenter, you can reduce both complexity and cost. Management and automation are key to improving datacenter operations, speeding delivery of services to the business. And you can increase agility with access to cloud resources on demand. With datacenter innovation and new hybrid options, the Microsoft cloud platform gives you the right infrastructure for today’s big challenges.