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In today’s fast-paced world, information is your company’s biggest asset. Information can be your customer data, financial records, business strategies, certificates, legal documents, or general receipts. Any loss or misuse of information directly creates a loss in a company’s reputation, time and money. It is crucial to secure every element of your business with proactive and reactive measures as a safeguard against external as well as internal threats.

Dataformatics helps you create and maintain security of information through access control, usage control, licensing, internet security, and reporting and addressing of issues. Our experts are well trained in execution and combination of the following security measures:


Thoughtfully pre-determined security systems monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your machines. Our positive control models aide your working but protect against external sources of threat. Our experts help you with security policies that are based on your specific requirements, content, users, and applications. This in turn helps you strengthen your network security access, and enable applications safety levitra uten resept.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow you to surpass the physical boundaries of location and access your data across the globe. This ease of access is prone to external as well as internal security threats pertaining to loss, misuse, or change of data. We, at Dataformatics understand the importance of a secure VPN network. Our experts work with you to provide VPN security solutions suitable to your requirements and systems.


Appropriate security solutions can only be applied once threats and intrusions are rightly detected. Intrusion detection in the form of malware attack, application-layer attacks, trojans, adware, can seriously harm your systems. We design for you some intrusion detection systems that address the need for timely and apt detection of suspicious activity in the system. These systems are designed keeping your specific requirements in mind, thus providing you an affordable and convenient solution.


An ideal anti-virus solution provides prevention, early detection and destruction of threat and ransom ware. Different systems invite different kinds of threats and hence require different kinds of anti-virus software. Our experts at Dataformatics understand your needs and provide customised anti-virus solutions. You can select from different packages for protection against ransomware, keyloggers, trojan horses, infected URLs, spam links and phishing attacks, adware, and spyware.


Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a software solution that provides protection against unsafe links and attachments, phishing threats, sophisticated email attacks, zero-day threats, advanced malware attempts, and more. ATP conducts automatic analysis of suspicious content and ensures safe destruction. At Dataformatics, we provide latest ATP solutions to protect your entire organization in real time. We also help you install and renew your subscriptions in a smooth and safe manner.


Sand boxing, like its name, is like an extra security layer to prevent your systems from harmful applications. It also cuts off applications from critical system resources for extra protection. We help you select sand boxing solutions so that issues in one program are prevented from spreading to the rest of the system. Our experts provide appropriate combinations of operating environments where you can deploy your software and execute programs.