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Our core motto has always been to provide effective and timely solutions to all our clients. Our  solutions’ team comprises of skilled and trained professionals, who passionately contribute to your growth. We provide our services to successful ventures to enhance their performance for optimised growth.

Across India, our technical consultants offer solutions in a vast area encompassing cloud computing, security, virtualisation, storage and backup, software products, and more


cloud computing

Cloud computing is a universal concept that lets you store and use your own data ANYWHERE. At Dataformatics, software and infrastructure solutions are provided as services to secure and maintain your data for effective use.


Moreover, we assist you to use the software and services that you create for deployment and implementation over cloud. Our engineers help you utilize the benefits of cloud computing through cost-optimization, effective resource utilization, flexible infrastructure, security, and more.


At Dataformatics, we bring you the advantages of cloud computing through the following solutions:

Software as a Solution, Infrastructure as a Solution, Platform as a Solution

Our experts at Dataformatics help you in licensing and usage of Software as a Solution on the cloud. This saves you the trouble of installing and maintaining the latest software, and provides time effectiveness. We also assist you to use cloud computing for your software on a large scale. You can host your software on cloud and make it accessible through licensing and subscription.


We help you use cloud with Infrastructure as a Service so you save time and resources on acquiring, managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Similarly, we guide you to use cloud Platform as a Solution where the ready-to-use platform helps in faster deployment of applications.

Tests and developments require customized environments for best results. We help you use the available scenarios to the best possible use for effective deployment. This helps you to meet your deadlines comfortably and reach higher milestones in progress.

Be it understanding buying patterns for creating campaigns, big data analysis, or behaviour patterns of organisations, structured data help you derive meaningful information quickly. Our virtual architects are trained in structuring vast pools of data for fast and effective usage based on your requirements.

Needless to say, we even assist organizations in segregating their data via file storage for future references. With Dataformatics, you need not worry about misplacement or loss of data with our timely and efficient backup.

For more customised cloud solutions, (click here) to contact us and we will work it out for you.



In today’s fast-paced world, information is your company’s biggest asset. Information can be your customer data, financial records, business strategies, certificates, legal documents, or general receipts. Any loss or misuse of information directly creates a loss in a company’s reputation, time and money. It is crucial to secure every element of your business with proactive and reactive measures as a safeguard against external as well as internal threats.

Dataformatics helps you create and maintain security of information through access control, usage control, licensing, internet security, and reporting and addressing of issues. Our experts are well trained in execution and combination of the following security measures:

Thoughtfully pre-determined security systems monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your machines. Our positive control models aide your working but protect against external sources of threat. Our experts help you with security policies that are based on your specific requirements, content, users, and applications. This in turn helps you strengthen your network security access, and enable applications safety.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow you to surpass the physical boundaries of location and access your data across the globe. This ease of access is prone to external as well as internal security threats pertaining to loss, misuse, or change of data. We, at Dataformatics understand the importance of a secure VPN network. Our experts work with you to provide VPN security solutions suitable to your requirements and systems.

Appropriate security solutions can only be applied once threats and intrusions are rightly detected. Intrusion detection in the form of malware attack, application-layer attacks, trojans, adware, can seriously harm your systems. We design for you some intrusion detection systems that address the need for timely and apt detection of suspicious activity in the system. These systems are designed keeping your specific requirements in mind, thus providing you an affordable and convenient solution.

An ideal anti-virus solution provides prevention, early detection and destruction of threat and ransom ware. Different systems invite different kinds of threats and hence require different kinds of anti-virus software. Our experts at Dataformatics understand your needs and provide customised anti-virus solutions. You can select from different packages for protection against ransomware, keyloggers, trojan horses, infected URLs, spam links and phishing attacks, adware, and spyware.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a software solution that provides protection against unsafe links and attachments, phishing threats, sophisticated email attacks, zero-day threats, advanced malware attempts, and more. ATP conducts automatic analysis of suspicious content and ensures safe destruction. At Dataformatics, we provide latest ATP solutions to protect your entire organization in real time. We also help you install and renew your subscriptions in a smooth and safe manner.

Sand boxing, like its name, is like an extra security layer to prevent your systems from harmful applications. It also cuts off applications from critical system resources for extra protection. We help you select sand boxing solutions so that issues in one program are prevented from spreading to the rest of the system. Our experts provide appropriate combinations of operating environments where you can deploy your software and execute programs.



Virtulization in computing refers to the process of having virtual recourses such as networking, storage devices, servers, and operating systems. This process helps reduces many IT expenses by boosting agility and efficiency for all size businesses. Virtulization includes dividing as well as clubbing the resources into more effective environments. Depending on the goal, there are multiple types of virtulization available today. We, at Dataformatics offer the following major types:

Many a times, multiple users use a single computer at a given time for different applications. Operating System (OS) Virtulization refers to the process of tailoring an OS for such multiple uses. Our experts at Dataformatics help you carry out OS virtulization so that your business can benefit from its cost-saving and time-effective features.

Network virtulization includes the combination of software and hardware network resources into a software-based entity for convenient administration. This helps support increasing virtual environments. Dataformatics will help you carry out the process of network virtulization for your business using the latest updates and resources.

Hardware Virtualization implies moving ahead of the one-to-one relationship between a computer’s hardware and operating systems. Now, it has become similar to a structure that helps use computer resources into multiple execution environments. Obtain the maximum benefits of hardware virtulization with the assistance of our experts here at Dataformatics.

Storage Virtualization is a process that includes grouping your physical storage resources from multiple network storage devices, into what appears as one storage device. This single storage device is managed from a central console to help you save on time and management costs. Growing businesses require storage virtulization and this needs to be done in a correct manner for maximum efficiency. Our experts at Dataformatics proactively assist you for the same.

Contact us here for these or other customized virtulization business requirements.


Storage Solutions

The IT environment of any business experiences give-and-take of data on a large scale at a fast pace. Storage and backup hence becomes an integral part of the business. Appropriate segregation, storage, and protection are all important aspects of data management.


A growing business brings with it rising volumes of data and data traffic. If the storage system is not well managed, it results in quick consumption of storage capacity, slower performance, and higher management costs.


We provide you customised storage and backup services that address the exact issues you face. Our solutions include flexibility, scalability options, storage capacity solutions, easy retrieval preferences, and cost- and user-friendly designs.

Dataformatics offers the following solutions from the storage perspective:

  • On Premises Using NAS

We design and implement storage system on business premises using the Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. This solution benefits small and large businesses with the following features:

1. Data access to a large and varied group of clients

2.Ease of access and maintenance

3.Encryption option for backup data

4.expandable and economic use

Our cloud backup designs help you conveniently maintain, manage, and backup your data remotely. Additionally, it offers the following advantages:

1.Saving Bandwidth

2.Convenient Accessibility

3.Ease of Use

4.Disaster Recovery

5.Cost Saving

Data has become the backbone of every business. In the ever-changing market situations, company’s data gets use for many more purposes other than record keeping. It thus becomes imperative to store, maintain, segregate, and backup your data.


Our experts at Dataformatics are well-versed with the latest backup solutions that help you accelerate, automate, and centralise data backup and recovery process. You can select from a wide range of options for data protection across multiple environments and operating systems.