Cloud computing is a universal concept that lets you store and use your own data ANYWHERE. At Dataformatics, software and infrastructure solutions are provided as services to secure and maintain your data for effective use.

Moreover, we assist you to use the software and services that you create for deployment and implementation over cloud. Our engineers help you utilize the benefits of cloud computing through cost-optimization, effective resource utilization, flexible infrastructure, security, and more.

At Dataformatics, we bring you the advantages of cloud computing through the following solutions:


Software as a Solution, Infrastructure as a Solution, Platform as a Solution

Our experts at Dataformatics help you in licensing and usage of Software as a Solution on the cloud. This saves you the trouble of installing and maintaining the latest software, and provides time effectiveness. We also assist you to use cloud computing for your software on a large scale. You can host your software on cloud and make it accessible through licensing and subscription.

We help you use cloud with Infrastructure as a Service so you save time and resources on acquiring, managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Similarly, we guide you to use cloud Platform as a Solution where the ready-to-use platform helps in faster deployment of applications.


Tests and developments require customized environments for best results. We help you use the available scenarios to the best possible use for effective deployment. This helps you to meet your deadlines comfortably and reach higher milestones in progress.


Be it understanding buying patterns for creating campaigns, big data analysis, or behaviour patterns of organisations, structured data help you derive meaningful information quickly. Our virtual architects are trained in structuring vast pools of data for fast and effective usage based on your requirements.


Needless to say, we even assist organizations in segregating their data via file storage for future references. With Dataformatics, you need not worry about misplacement or loss of data with our timely and efficient backup.

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