The IT environment of any business experiences give-and-take of data on a large scale at a fast pace. Storage and backup hence becomes an integral part of the business. Appropriate segregation, storage, and protection are all important aspects of data management.

A growing business brings with it rising volumes of data and data traffic. If the storage system is not well managed, it results in quick consumption of storage capacity, slower performance, and higher management costs.

We provide you customised storage and backup services that address the exact issues you face Our solutions include flexibility, scalability options, storage capacity solutions, easy retrieval preferences, and cost- and user-friendly designs.


Dataformatics offers the following solutions from the storage perspective:

  • Data access to a large and varied group of clients
  • Ease of access and maintenance
  • Encryption option for backup data
  • expandable and economic use


Our cloud backup designs help you conveniently maintain, manage, and backup your data remotely. Additionally, it offers the following advantages:

  • Saving Bandwidt
  • Convenient Accessibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cost Saving


Data has become the backbone of every business. In the ever-changing market situations, company’s data gets use for many more purposes other than record keeping. It thus becomes imperative to store, maintain, segregate, and backup your data.

Our experts at Dataformatics are well-versed with the latest backup solutions that help you accelerate, automate, and centralise data backup and recovery process. You can select from a wide range of options for data protection across multiple environments and operating systems.

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